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We are Hyperion SEO, highly trained Search Engine Optimization Experts specializing in local SEO, with emphasis on Tulsa SEO. We help you get the attention of the masses of customers searching for your services and products. We have clients ranging from law firms to local doctor’s offices, and everything in between. Nobody does SEO like us, period.


I’m very impressed as to how fast, and efficiently Brett has developed his SEO business. The results he gets for his customers and his innate ability for SEO are very impressive.

Kotton Grammer, Nationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur

Eric and Brett are masters of SEO and only few agencies can match their expertise. We are looking forward to working with them again very soon. We highly recommend using them for ranking your business!

Leonard Morley, Digital Marketing Traffic Experts SEO/SMO

Eric and Brett take client SEO to a whole new level, and when you hire them, your site will outrank the competition. Guaranteed.

Sadae Hilliard, Detroit SEO Consultant




When was the last time you clicked past the first page of the search results when looking for a service? When was the last time you actually used a phone book? With the rise of smartphones and tablets in the past decade to near ubiquity, the way people find new things has shifted. More and more people are turning to online searches to find what they need. Improving your online presence in today’s market is not just a good business idea, it’s an absolute necessity.

It’s not just the tools that have changed, though. A study by Moz showed that over 70% of searches don’t go past page one. Even worse, over half of all searches only click on the top three results. The breakdown is shown here:

Why you need Tulsa SEO - Hyperion SEO
This shows that it’s even MORE important where you are in the search results. If you aren’t at the VERY TOP, you’re letting customers slip by.





At Hyperion SEO, we built a service for Search Engine Optimization that works, and we fully stand behind our results. We unleash and amplify the true potential of businesses by building their web presence and placing them in the best position to attract customers. We bring our clients to the top of page ONE of Google, increase their social media hold/visibility, and raise their web presence to optimum levels all while increasing their customer inflow. With Hyperion SEO, you will have the confidence of an experienced Search Engine Ranking and Online Marketing team working with you to boost your customer traffic.


Website Metrics

We work with you to improve your site’s navigability (for visitors and Search Engine bots) and other key metrics to get you better Conversion and Ranking.

Social Media Presence

We build your social media presence to increase your exposure and reputation, and direct more attention to your site.

Search Engine Ranking

We harness the Search Engines to put your site right where it needs to be to directly channel customers to your business



Keyword Research

We research all keywords associated with your business to find you the best way to rank to get the customers you want.


We work with you every step of the way to ensure you know what’s going on and that you’re in control of your site and it’s rise through the ranks.



All of our experience from training with the best SEO agencies in both Chicago and New York City, combined with our knowledge of local branding techniques, means that we can confidently say that there is NO one who can match us in SEO for Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the overall region.

If your business is not optimized for all the search engines, if your business is not even on the first page, if you lack total social media dominance…




…and you can bet your competition is winning it.


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